Raymond Guo

uc berkeley student; cs + biotech enthusiast; casual movie reviewer


About Me

My picture here. Hi, I'm Raymond! I'm a sophomore at UC Berkeley studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS) with a minor in Bioengineering.

I'm always dabbling in and exploring the many facets of computer science, ranging from software development, to information technology, to research. In particular, I'm interested in applying the potentials of computer science to biology and genetics.

I'm proficient in Python and Java. I'm also familiar with shell scripting as well as app development technologies such as React for frontend and Rails/Django for backend.

Previously, I have worked at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (Network Engineer Intern), Berkeley CodeBase (Software Developer), National Institutes of Health (Bioinformatics Research Intern), BidBox, LLC (Mobile App Developer), and University of Maryland, College Park (Computational Geography Research Intern). During my time at NIH, I wrote a published research paper and was awarded as a Regeneron Science Talent Search (STS) semifinalist.

I also love watching movies and playing ice hockey.

Check out my resume here, or contact me!