Personal Website
Made with HTML/CSS/Javascript
King of Shots
Virtual reality game coded in C# with Unity; Players attempt to throw ping pong balls into cups, with real-life physics (bounciness, gravity, etc.); Played with Oculus Rift and Touch
Team productivity webapp built with HTML/Sass/React/Rails; Features include shared calendaring, user permission levels, and multi-channel communication
Event-organizing webapp built with Vue.js frontend and Firebase backend; Create and schedule public "picnics" that other users can join and participate in
Count To Ten App
count to ten
Educational Android app that teaches users to count in 25 different languages with a timed game and text-to-speech features
Travelling Messenger
travelling messenger
Facebook Messenger chatbot that provides travel information; Webhook built with Node.js; Integrates Dialogflow SmallTalk and APIs from Yelp and OpenWeatherMap


The Lost Keys
the lost keys
2D tile game coded in Java; Player(s) attempt to collect keys and reach the door before the opponent/AI; Features include random world generation, tile graphics, user interactivity, AI implemented with Dijkstra's, etc.
Google Maps clone coded in Java and built with Apache Maven, with data from OpenStreetMap; Features include zooming with responsive rendering, location searching, shortest path mapping with A*
scheme interpreter
Scheme interpreter coded in Python; Handles syntax such as lambdas, macros, conditionals, logical operators, etc. with tail recursion
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